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"Crafting Customers' Delight" has been our focus when we help our client to set up E-Commerce store for their business. We understand that success of e-commerce is more about the experience delivered.

E-commerce has become the trend to buy and sell products online. It is the quickest and convenient way to sell goods and services in the present time. We at Gemini Info Services develop high quality e- commerce websites that suits the needs of our clients in a brilliant way. Our e-commerce team works on custom design layouts and develop secured gateways for payments which is highly important to run an e-commerce website 24x7 successfully. As e-commerce sales are growing every year, the competition has become very tough and we at Gemini Info Services can help you look beyond the competition and keep buyers happy.

Our development team offers the best e-commerce platform for you. The ecommerce website is built over a robust platform which makes it very sturdy and at the same time very flexible to allow suitable modification thereby incorporating the desired features of the client. The design team works on Magento, OS Commerce and Open Cart that suits the business requirements and hence gives you the choice of selecting the most suitable option. The decision taken for the CMS platform will empower your store. We give you an e-commerce solution that is highly useful, high on quality parameters and very result oriented. Each platform has its own individual features and we guide our clients on the features to select the best option. The choice of the platform depends on the time one has to invest on development. For example, Magento is very powerful but Open cart is much easier to set up and built on an MVC framework. From one backend you can handle multiple stores on Magento and does everything that Open cart can but comes with a price. However, Open Cart is flexible, affordable and fast solutions who want to set up their business online in a quick way and at a reasonable cost.

  Select the best E commerce Platform with us:

Our e­commerce services includes e­commerce consulting, e­commerce marketing, web design and mobile development, user interface design, graphic dewsigns, customized website, custom data reporting, CMS customization, Systems integration and social and mobile applications.

Why hire us ?

We have been successfully creating and managing e­commerce stores since last five years. We work with our clients closely and understand their needs. It helps in overcoming roadblocks and come up with creative solutions.We offer highly practical and result oriented solution that will keep your business at par and create a niche online space. We are experineced in the industry's latest best practices and deploy solutions to exact specification.We develop secured and user friendly site which serves your business purpose and keep your clients satisfied throughout. We strive hard to create an ideal shopping experince for the customers. The services will help your users to come back to you every time.

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