Email Marketing

Email marketing is seen as one of the most effective online marketing techniques that results in sale at a very low cost. Email marketing software helps in reaching out to a large client base with specific segmentation. It helps in maintaining trust and loyalty of the customers and regularly connects with the existing clients along with increasing the customer base to promote business.

Gemini Info Services offers email marketing services to large companies as well as small businesses. Email marketing solution offered by us is very versatile and flexible to adjust the design of the email marketing messages to suit specific client base. Our contact management option allows managing the customer base very effectively. One can import their existing data base from any source and the same can be custom managed on various demographic segments. Our email creation is very effective in custom creating mails, customer surveys, newsletters and other event mails. One need not be an expert in handling such tools or software

The email marketing service is coupled with reporting features which helps the client in accessing the performance of the email campaign. One can easily check the campaign on various parameters through reports, graphs and statistics. For example, one can get to know the number of mails viewed, links clicked, message forwarded, number of subscriptions and even the number of unsolicited mails along with number of mails that failed to reach their destination. Such analytics helps in remodeling the campaign parameters to increase their effectiveness.

Our help option in the form of user manual and wizard helps you in getting started with the services, creation of the campaign and monitoring of the same. Our regular blogs, articles and FAQs help in making your campaign more effective on a continuous basis.

The reasons to invest in an email marketing service are easy to see. You can save money and have online reporting to keep track of new and returning customers. Once you use it, you'll never be able to go back to outdated options like direct mail advertisements.

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