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Gemini Info Services is an emerging company in the field of Software development services. We leverage the expertise of our talented pool of software programmers in delivering software solutions which are innovative, meet the market requirements and also meet the global standards of software development and engineering.

We develop custom built software solutions for our client right from the initial stage and also help the companies in migrating to the latest platform for efficient business performance. We have very rich background in software development and our team of developers and programmers are engaging, collaborative and very innovative. It helps them to connect well with the clients at a level where they can sense the business requirement of the clients through collaborative discussions.

We have the expertise to develop specific enterprise software system for most of the leading industries and also offer end to end business processes for them. We achieve this by using latest technologies, processes, paradigms, development tools and design approach. The project maanager ensures that the client is taken along all the phases of software development right from the very start i.e. from conceptualization, development, testing to final deployment.

Ingnuityville offers high quality application development, in­depth testing, access to latest technologies and skill sets, comprhensive one stop solution for all problems, upgradation of existing products and migration to latest platforms. Our expertise lies in ERP Softwares, CRM Softwares, Custom Application Development, IT Consulting Services, Sales Force Automation, Inventory Management Software and Ecommerce Solutions.


Gemini Info Services is one of the leading players in the market for Website Development that serves the requirement of the client by properly optimizing the market factors at play. We are known for delivering time bound projects at specified budget which are highly competitive in the market. Our web development team comprises of software programmers, web designers and web consultants who are highly experienced and relates well to the industry specific needs of the clients. Our clients come up with an idea and we help them materialize the same into reality.

Unlike other vendors we believe in providing our services as a partner to the client. It helps in understanding the requirement of the clients in a much specific way. Our belief lies not in creating but co­creating the website for our clients. The consultant sits with the client, listen to their specific requirements and understand them in their minutest of details. We focus on the needs of their customers and develop an approach which also aligns with the business goal and expectations of the clients. We help the clients to choose the most appropriate platform to develop a website that delights their customers. We build websites after thoroughly understanding the market condition and market trends through our research, which covers the whole scope of the website development. It is flexible and scalable to accommodate, change and transform based on the ever­changing developments taking place in the world of technology and customers' preferences.

We have a highly motivated and creative designers and developers who create world class websites and embedded utility applications. The software specifications are modelled to reflect complete system architecture, the user interface, data structure and various other components. It offers efficient navigation and control system for end users. We ensure regular quality checks at all stages of development which helps in deploying error free website right at the beginning, thereby eliminating any extension of the project or its budget. Therefore, we are able to offer time bound project delivery to our clients.


Mobile devices have covered every aspect of our life whether be it personal or professional. We are connected to the world of internet for various purpose such as information search, social networking and geo tagging through our mobile phones. On the professional front mobile device becomes very handy in connecting with clients to undertake various activities to grow their business. The ever­changing mobile technology results in the need for developing a large number of utility applications and software for the mobile.

Gemini Info Services offers its services in Mobile Application Development to serve myriad needs at the professional level. With over half a decade of experience, we claim to be one of the most reliable company in Mobile Application Development. Our team comprises of highly talented and tech savvy software professionals who offer best in class service in mobile application development at a very cost effective budget. They have in­depth knowledge of various platforms and framework for mobile apps development. We help professionals and corporate entities to meet their mobile apps requirement by leveraging our pool of talent which is well equipped to cater to any challenging projects and deliver end to end result. The clients are also offered apps maintenance and service after being launched so as to keep abreast with the technological advancement in the market and changing needs of the consumers.

Our services include developing enterprise, e­commerce and utility mobile applications. We also deal in critical data and performance building mobile apps. The services offered by us is not solely limited to apps development. Our team consists of experienced consultants who study the clients requirement and come up with optimum solution based on market condition, strategists to device the whole plan that could garner maximum customers, designers and software personnel to make the desire into reality. The project managers keep the client engaged at every stage of apps development.


In the present world, one can not imagine to live without being connected to the world through internet by means of latest technological devices available such a computer, laptop and smartphones. Any small problem in our device seems to put our life to stop; such is the dependency of most of our life activities on the world of internet. Hence, technical support for the devices has become a pressing concern for the IT industry.

This is where Gemini Info Services plays a crucial role in solving all types of technical problems faced by our people. Our team specializes in providing quick solution to all types of software and hardware issues. Our technical support team is available round the clock to attend to any system issues and provide world class support services. All one needs to do is to give us a call and explain the problems being faced to our technicians. They will use their knowledge and expertise in quick resolution to the problems stated.

Our remote service assistance helps in resolving system issues on a secured line in real time. The remote service assistance is very secure and one can actually see all the process involved in troubleshooting the issues. Our experts not only solves the technical issues but also diagnose the whole system to make it free from any glitches and ensure it is working in perfect condition. The technical service offered is not limited to one time solution but is applicable for the whole tenure as agreed upon by the customer. The customers can get all their problems resolved for the stated tenure without incurring any extra cost.

Our various technical support services include: Viruse and Spyware removal, PC optimization for its better p;erformance, Operating system issues, Memory issues, Software and Driver updates, Disk Defragmentation, Resolving system start up issues, Registry repair, Blue screen, System restore, Applications functioning, Installations and upgrades, Antiviruse installation, Printer setup, Wireless Router and Networking, Email issues and Peripheral device issues.

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