window software applications

Technological products and services witness growth and development at a very fast pace. Windows operating system from Microsoft has been in use by large number of corporate entities for their business and also by individuals for personal use. Now, with increasing customer base of the windows phone users, the demand for people and company adept in application development for windows phone is very huge. The windows phone series has led to unimaginable changes in the way we use our mobile phones. It has established itself as a mobile platform with huge potential within a short period of time, capturing the heart of millions around the world.

Gemini Info Services offers a wide range of software applications and solutions for windows phone which are needed by the companies for their business solutions and by people for their several personal uses. We have helped business entities in leveraging the huge potential of the windows mobile platform to address various business challenges through unique and innovative solutions. The applications developed are innovative, dynamic which helps to enhance user productivity. We also offer customized solutions for specific needs to our clients using cutting-edge technologies.

Our developers are very skilled and knowledgeable in windows mobile application development. We are aware of the latest trends in mobile apps development and technologies used in latest mobile solutions. Our developers are able to build stand-alone applications and also extension of the existing application on the windows platform based on specific business needs. They are well versed in are also well-versed in current technologies that include .Net Compact Framework, C++, Windows Mobile 2003 and 6.0, Visual Studio, Windows mobile SDK, and Pocket PC 2003.

Our services includes - Dynamic CRM Apps, SharePoint Apps, Social networking apps, Productive apps, Line of Business Apps, Business Intelligence, Mobile Software Development, Games development, Utilities apps, Multi-media apps, navigation and GPS Application Development. We deal in various industries such as education, social networking, fashion, business, and health.

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